Interclub League

Annual INTER-CLUB rifle/pistol shoot: September through April every year.

Third Thursday of the Month September – April 7:00 P.M. Sharp — $10.00 Entry Fee

Shoot Contact Information: Glen Park Chapter – Gary Miller 219-688-8276 5700 Mississippi Ave. Merrillville, IN 46310 Website:

The Shoot consists of five (5) events (targets); at least one target shall be a “fun” target event. The Equipment needed shall be a .22LR rimfire Rifle with either peep sights or open sights. Rifle open sights shall receive a one (1) point per shot target bonus score. The Pistol shall be a .22LR rimfire with open sights. Shooters over the age of 65 shall be allowed to use a “Red-Dot” sight on the pistol. Laser sights shall not be allowed. The ammunition requirement shall be at least 50-100 rounds for the Shoot.

Prize Money shall be as follows for each Class and Event (target):

  1. $4.00 First Place
  2. $3.00 Second Place
  3. $2.00 Third Place


Option target 5 – Your choice. 9mm/.380/.40/10mm Pistol – Ammunition FMJ only (target 5)

.38 Pistol – Standard Velocity ammunition including Wadcutter and Semi-Wadcutter $2.00 Entry Fee .45 ACP Pistol – Ammunition FMJ or Lead $2.00 Entry Fee

2020/2021 Shoot Dates:

Sept.  17th Oct.  15th Nov.  19th Dec.  17th Jan.  21st Feb.  18th Mar.  18th Apr.  15th

Shoot Results:

2020-2021 Interclub scores

2019-2020 Interclub scores Last 2 months cancelled.

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