Interclub League

Summer Fun Shoots 3rd Thursday of the month May through August every year.

3 targets – $3 entry.  Winner take all.  Shoot any time between 4:30 and 7:30pm  High and Low targets score, middle is removed.  Calber and targets change every month and are announced at the previous shoot and via email newsletter.  Sign up for our mailing list.

July 2019 .380 winner Steve M.

August 2019 .38 double action only winner Damon T.

Annual INTER-CLUB rifle/pistol shoot: September through April every year.

Third Thursday of the Month September – April
7:00 P.M. Sharp — $10.00 Entry Fee

Shoot Contact Information:
Glen Park Chapter – Gary Miller 219-688-8276
5700 Mississippi Ave.
Merrillville, IN 46310

The Shoot consists of five (5) events (targets); at least one target shall be a “fun” target event. The Equipment needed shall be a .22LR rimfire Rifle with either peep sights or open sights. Rifle open sights shall receive a one (1) point per shot target bonus score. The Pistol shall be a .22LR rimfire with open sights. Shooters over the age of 65 shall be allowed to use a “Red-Dot” sight on the pistol. Laser sights shall not be allowed. The ammunition requirement shall be at least 50-100 rounds for the Shoot.

Prize Money shall be as follows for each Class and Event (target):

1. $4.00 First Place
2. $3.00 Second Place
3. $2.00 Third Place


9mm Pistol – Ammunition FMJ only (target 5)

.38 Pistol – Standard Velocity ammunition including Wadcutter and Semi-Wadcutter $2.00 Entry Fee
.45 ACP Pistol – Ammunition FMJ or Lead $2.00 Entry Fee

2019/2020 Shoot Dates:

Sept.  19th
Oct.  17th
Nov.  21st
Dec.  19th
Jan.  16th
Feb.  20th
Mar.  19th
Apr.  16th

Shoot Results:

2019-2020 Interclub scores

2018-2019 Interclub scores

2017-2018 Interclub scores

2016-2017 Interclub scores

2015-2016 Interclub scores